Here’s to Life

The changing of times and seasons is always a natural place for reflection on the past and dreaming for the future. I didn't intend to be all cliché for the new year, but it kind of happened anyway. : )What started out as an Instagram post (follow me @wonderinthelittlethings) turned into a deeper reflection. It … Continue reading Here’s to Life


“Look up” – Moments with Jesus

An exercise in  holy imagination... I'm walking along a stony beach with Jesus a few steps ahead of me. We're strolling, carefree. I pause and crouch to pick up a pretty rock. Sometimes I am looking too closely or too long at the ground and Jesus pauses to wait for me. He holds out a hand … Continue reading “Look up” – Moments with Jesus

Why I’m an Adult who Loves Disney matter what Jim Gaffigan says... I love Disney. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I grew up in New England and as a young child, Florida was this faraway and magical place that meant beaches and Disney World; and it was a place I would never go because our vacations were always to visit … Continue reading Why I’m an Adult who Loves Disney